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Brew Brothers advertisement for Mish Mosh Mondays

Mish Mosh Mondays

Dates & Time

Every Monday | 8pm


Brew Brothers Nightlife

Got a talent? Come show us!

Fill out the form below and we'll get you on our schedule for Mish Mosh Mondays where anything goes! We select two "newbies" each Monday to perform live in front of the audience! This is what we call our "Lock Em' or Block Em' night." If you have talent, we'll lock you on our calendar! If not, we'll block your number. Just kidding. (Well, kinda!) Seriously though, we're just here to have a great time! Each entertainer will get 30 minutes to entertain. But, part of it is crowd engagement and to see if you bring the people out and have a good time. So relax and have fun!!

We provide: Lights, Sound, Production

You provide: Instruments (if you need them), Props, and of course...talent!

If you get "locked in", we'll get you a paid gig at the casino. If not, we'll buy you a burger and send you on your way.