Poker  Room’s Top Questions:

1.  How many tables?  We will have a 7 table room

2.  What games will we offer?  We will offer Hold’em and Omaha.  Although 3-6 Limit and 1-3 No Limit will most likely be our most popular, we are prepared to spread any game our players ask for.

3.  How much will our players earn in comps?  Poker players will earn $1.00 an hour while playing cash games.

4.  What are the hours of operation?  We open weekdays at 12:00 PM and weekends at 10:00 AM and will remain open as long as there is substantial play.

5.  Will the room be non-smoking?  YES. We will offer a smoke free enviornment.

6.  Will food/beverages be served in the room?  YES.  Food can be ordered.

7.  Will we have a cashier cage?  YES.  We will also have a mutual betting machine in the room along with several TV’s.

8.  Will we offer Tournaments?  YES.  We will offer Multi-Table and Single Table Tournaments (Sit & Go’s).  We will also offer special events and promotions for our players.  Our Poker Website will be the BEST source of information pertaining to each event and will be updated daily.  Visit us at / click the POKER tab