What is a Sit & Go?
It’s a ‘MINI’ Hold’em Tournament

Playing is as easy as 1-2-3
Once 10 players are signed up the game is called down
Each player receives 5,000 in Tournament chips w/ 10 minute blinds
Play continues until 3 winners emerge

Available Buy-ins include:
$45.00  (30+10+5)
$85.00  (70+10+5)
$125.00  (100+20+5)

Prize structure for all Sit & Go’s are as follows:
1st receives 65% of prize pool
2nd receives 25% of prize pool
3rd receives 10% of prize pool

Looking for a FAST paced game with BIG PROFIT potential?
Be sure to add your name to our Sit & Go list on your next visit!