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Presque Isle Downs Players Club FAQ & Info

How Do I Earn Points?
Points can be earned on any slots, table games or racing bet.
$1 Coin In on Slots = 1 Point
$2 Coin In on Video Poker / Electronic Tables = 1 Point
Table Games Points are based on amount wagered and time played.

What Can Points Be Used For?
Points are used to evaluate your Club Tier.  They can also be redeemed for Free Slot Play on any slot machine, or for Food & Beverage at any of our dining outlets.

How Do I Increase My Tier Level?
The evaluation periods are January 1 – June 30, and July 1 – December 31.  To increase your tier, you need to earn the required amount of points between each evaluation period.  Once you reach the appropriate number of points, you’ll be upgraded shortly after you earn your new tier, and you will maintain your tier until the end of the next evaluation period, unless the points are earned to maintain that Tier.

How Do I Qualify For Mailers?
All direct mail is based on play.  To qualify for direct mail, make sure your address is correct at Guest Services, and that you are accepting mail, then just play as you would.  If you qualify, you’ll get offers delivered straight to your front door!

How Much Are My Points Worth?
Points earned have no cash value.  500 Points are equal to $1 in Free Slot Play or credit towards any Food & Beverage purchase.

I Qualify For Self Redemption.  How Does That Work?
If you qualify for Tier 3 or 4, you qualify for Self Redemption.  This will allow you to receive certain bonus rewards at the Kiosk based on your play.  NOTE:  There are limits to what you are allowed to redeem based on play and account status.

I Have Additional Questions.  How Do I Contact?
You can click the CONTACT link at the bottom of the page to contact us.  Your email will be forwarded to the proper team members to contact you.  You can also stop by Guest Services at any time, or call us at 814-860-8999 (866-374-3386).

Last Updated:   January 28, 2019