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Horseman's Bookkeeper

Check in with the Horseman’s Bookkeeper to register your horse, or get more information!

Monday – Thursday
2:30PM – Last Live Race
(Beginning Aug 2, 2021)

Horseman's Bookkeeper

[email protected]

Fax #:
(814) 868-8899

Phone #:
(814) 860-8954

Monday – Thursday
2:30PM – Last Live Race
(Beginning August 2, 2021)



Horseman's Bookkeeper - Required Information:

  • Contact Information:  Address, Phone # and E-Mail Address
  • W-9 Form:  A new one is required each year.
    • Foreign accounts we require the information as above, but need proof of US taxpayer ID and W-8 BEN claiming a country with a valid treaty or a 30% withholding will apply
    • Can be faxed, emailed or scanned prior to racing.  It is very important that we receive a completed W-9 in order to establish your account correctly with us.      [Click Here To Access The W-9]
  • Also, you may request your unique log-on for your Presque Isle Downs Horseman’s Account by contacting the bookkeeper.  [Click Here]
  • 2021 Wire Fees (In or Out) will be $25.00
  • PAHBPA Purse Release Agreement – Please contact the HBPA for more information at (814) 860-8990 or email [email protected]

Disbursement of Horsemen Accounts:

Purse funds are available to request 24 hours after your horse has ran, even with a pay-back form on file.
Any horses that had a test drawn from the Pennsylvania Racing Commission may not be requested until after the commission has formally released the horse.
Funds may be requested in person, Online thru Incompass, by fax or email with an accompanying Disbursement Request Form.
Check requests for same day pick up must be made before 2pm.  Any check requests made after 2pm will be available the next live racing day.

Checks are paid to the exact name on the account.

Partnerships, LLC's, INC's, CORP's, etc...

Corporations, INC’s, and LLC’s (with Federal ID Number) accounts are only dispersed in the corporation name.
Individuals and partnerships will have the check made payable to the name on the account, owner of record or authorized agent.
A single check will be created for each check run, per account.
If a horse runs in the name of a partnership, the check will be cut with ALL of the names of the partnership account- payable to &/Or. The Bookkeepers DO NOT pay out percentages to different partners. It is the responsibility of the partnership to disburse the money accordingly.

Check Pick Up Times:

Check requests received by the following times will be available for pick up as follows:

Requests received by 2pm on Live Race Days will be ready the same day AFTER 6:00pm
No checks will be issued on dark days (Non-Live Race Days)

Acceptable Forms of Deposit for “Claiming” Purposes | Wire Information:

Funds can be placed in the account in the form of US Currency, Certified Check, Cashier Check, Money Orders, Wire Transfers*, a WV, PA or MD Racetrack Horsemen Bookkeeping Office Check**, or transfer from an existing account of the same owner.  No personal check or third-party check will be accepted.  All personal & business checks will have a 7 day hold on the account for the amount on the check before it is clear & available.
Any negotiable instruments presented will require the bookkeeping office to verify the validity from the issuer.  All checks should be made out Presque Isle Downs, Inc.

* Please remember to add the $25 Wire Fee with your wire, or your claim will be voided due to insufficient funds
** with accompanying account statement

Presque Isle Downs Wiring Info:

Click Here To Access Form

Beneficiary Bank Name:    PNC Bank
Bank Address (if needed):  Two Plaza 620 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15265
Bank Routing Number:   043000096
Beneficiary Account:   1028968237

Please include the following information with your wire:
– Your Name & Name of Horseman’s Account it should be deposited to

* This is very important to ensure your wire goes where it belongs in a timely manner.  ALSO Do Not Forget the $25 Wire Charge!

Provide sufficient lead time sending a wire

Wire transfers are the responsibility of the owner / trainer to initiate with sufficient time so the wire will be received the day before the event time or the deadline.  No money will be credited to the account unless the Company Bank verified the receipt of the funds with our bank.  If the funds have not been acknowledged by the end of a full business day prior to the event or deadline, the funds may not be available.

Racing Charged Deducted From Owners Accounts

The Horseman’s Bookkeeper’s Office will deduct the owner accounts for jockey fees, HPBA, lasix fees, nomination fees, entry fees, starting fees, photographs, veterinary lasix charges, treasure liens, fines by the Pennsylvania Racing Commission and court ordered levees.

Accessing Other Accounts…

To gain access to another horseman’s account, the account holder must obtain a form provided by the horseman’s bookkeeper. The form must be completed and returned to the bookkeeper before access will be granted. Verbal permission will no longer be accepted. Click Here To Access Form.

Groom’s Quarters:

Any trainers who have employees currently employed by them and will need a dorm room, please contact Heather Dominguez at [email protected] to make arrangements.  Occupant’s Dorm Rent will be deducted automatically from the trainer to whom they are employed with.  It is the trainers responsibility to contact Heather with any changes in their employee status immediately.
Required Deposit Fee at time of move in will be $175. This deposit will be refunded 14 days AFTER the room inspection is completed.
Room rent will be $6 a day, paid at the first of each month.